Kongsberg International School has a wide range of books in the school's library. We have books in many languages and our goal is to be able to offer books in all the languages that are represented at the school.

The school library has the Reading Cloud, an online database that works as a fantastic online reading community, design to engage students, parents and teachers in reading for pleasure. You can search for books, eBooks, online encyclopedias and other resources.Here you can create an online identity (Avatar); search, reserve or download resources across the Reading Cloud; recommend resources to other students; chat online with other students about books; work collaboratively within the Reading Cloud community; blog about your favourite books and authors; catalogue your own books and resources in "My Home Library" and Access the Reading Cloud through mobile technologies.


Encyclopedia Britannica: Easy to use. Easy to find trusted information. Easy to learn.


Kongsberg International School also collaborates with the public library in Kongsberg.