School Show 2018!

School Show 2018!

What do we know about the future? What do we expect from the future? What can we do for our future?

FUTURE. One word which entails a myriad of opportunities. Hopes. Dreams. Even fears. Many people strive for achievements in the future. But what are some predictions for the future? For the environment? For humanity? For working life? For personal life? For you?

Students ranging from the age 3 to 16 have turned their thoughts and visions into a variety of stage performances, expressing their ideas around the future and their role in it through performing and visual arts. Join us and be charmed by everything from the zombie apocalypse, chasing dreams, folk traditions impacted by globalization, an imaginary view of Kongsberg without its powerful industry, and much, much more.

Be there. You won’t regret it.

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