Welcome to the Primary Years

Welcome from the Head of Primary and PYP Coordinator

Why would anyone choose the Primary Years Programme? For new teachers, it is a challenging program since there are very few absolutes in the required content as expressed by the IB. For parents, it can be confusing since it often doesn't look or feel like what most of us experienced when we were in school. However, these are exactly the reasons why I love working with the programme. It requires me as a teacher, coordinator and leader to think about what is important for students in this community to know, understand and do. I also love that I am expected to tap into the children's interests and curiosity in order to make it real for them and to help them take action on what they learn. I love seeing how excited children get about their learning and how much they care about making the world a better place. The PYP is a curriculum format that allows this type of inquiry and action to happen, yet it also has high academic goals in its expectations of how the children learn to think about and process their learning through concepts and transdisciplinary skills. KIS is a school where we are working togther towards these goals. I welcome you to join in the conversation.

Sofie Jørstad

Head of Primary and PYP Coordinator