Welcome to the Middle Years

Welcome to MYP at KIS

Choosing to come to KIS and the Middle Year Programme is a deliberate choice you have made. Our vision through the mission statement is something you buy into when making this choice. As part of the team we are very proud to be working with putting this into practice. Everyday our teachers are striving for excellence in their teaching and to foster an environment where inquiry, creativity and critical thinking may lead to innovation and action.

With the IB Learner Profile as the core of the student attributes, the focus and importance of having the student at the centre of our focus is a priority. Our shared language is English, but in order to deepen the understanding for nuances and details of any language, literacy skills are important. We value the importance of the mother tongue, but is important to remember proficiency in a language comes from using it actively in different types of settings. We emphasise that no subject is more important than others and that our school programme works toward training our students in the ways of transferring concepts, knowledge and skills between and across the subject groups. Interdisciplinary learning between the subject groups inspires new and interesting ideas for solutions to complex problems.

The MYP curriculum at KIS offers a range of topics based on global contexts that will lead into action for the students. Some of this action will take place in the classroom, and some will take place outside of the classroom independently.

We are proud to have a diverse group of students in our school but a true sense of intercultural awareness will only come from active participation and respect for our differences. Open communication and inclusiveness both in, and outside of school are important factors towards building a strong sense of belonging for the students.