Grade 2 experimenting...

...with signs and symbols

G2 students shared some facts about themselves using special drawings and symbols. They exchanged drawings and tried to tell the facts by interpreting the symbols using the provided key.

  • Grade 2 Tessellations

    Having fun with tessellations!

  • MYP Trauma Day 2017

    The MYP students took part in this year's Trauma Day on October 13th

  • Grade 2 Writing

    Work on Writing in Grade 2

  • TILT

    MYP students from KIS have been invited to perform together with Brageteateret and Panta Rei Danseteater at Krona.

  • Grade 2 starting new unit

    Visible thinking routines

  • Grade 5 natural resources

    Sharing the planet

  • Grade 2 personal history

    Grade 2 recording and documenting their personal history

  • Grade 2 celebrating Roald Dahl’s Day

    Grade 2 celebrated Roald Dahl's birthday with fun activities!

  • Grade 3 archaeology

    Grade 3 students explored what it might be like to be an archaeologist during a simulated DIG!

  • MYPA Writing Course

    Writing course at Krona for MYPA!

  • IDENTITY 2017

    The school show this year was called IDENTITY. Who am I? How did I become who I am? Who do you think I am? Who do I pretend to be?
    Some of the big questions in life can be confusing, but searching for answers can take you through a stimulating and enriching journey, and also an entertaining one! Students ranging from the age of 3 to 16 have turned their answers and discoveries into creative stage performances expressing themselves, portraying stereotypes and questioning stigmas in society. Be ready for an evening show which aims to challenge your thinking! The mix of nearly 200 students on stage showcasing several performing and visual arts will make an impact on you in a variety of ways – but hopefully mostly for the best.

    How are people different? Why are we different? How are we the same? What is humanity?
    Do YOU have the answers?

  • MYPD in Portugal

    Learning science while learning to surf.

  • Testing Scratch games

    MYPA with their G2 buddies.