MYPD Personal Project Exhibition

This week we got to see what the MYPD's have been doing with their Personal Projects!
During the final year in MYP, the students complete their Personal Project. The Personal Project is a significant and big project which is produced over time and will often center on a topic the student finds interesting and is passionate about. One of the highlights of the Personal Project is the Exhibition! Through this they get to present their work to the rest of the school as well as family and friends. This is their chance to really promote a topic they are passionate about!
This year we had a great PP Exhibition with lots of different hobbies and passions being presented. We got to see presentations on photography, dance, building a PC, training plans, Babylonian maths, mental health and a tiny floating house, just to name a few. The students really put a lot of time and effort into their projects and it clearly showed! We are very proud of our MYPD students!
More informaiton about the Personal Project can be found here.