MYPD in Singapore

Our MYPD students are visiting Singapore this week!

The MYPD-class have travelled to Singapore for a week long stay with a lot of activities planned! On the first day they visited LKC Natural History museum where they studied past and present biodiversity in the perspective of evolution and man-caused changes and globalization.

The second day they went to the Norwegian Embassy at Raffles Quay where the ambassador and the trainee had prepared a superb presentation with room for interaction and discussions. They also met with NBAS and Innovation Norway before heading to Urban Redevelopment Authority, studying the Draft Master Plan 2019 – which aims to create an economically vibrant and liveable home for all in future Singapore, describe incredible growth. The exhibitions and gallery was very of very high quality, and teachers as well as students learned a LOT. The day was rounded off the day at Gardens by the Bay with a stroll around the greenery, with both tree snakes and otters, and enjoyed the retro light show at the super tree grove!

All of Wednesday was spent at Canandian International School where a full scheduled day was spent with activities such as designing their dream city, and a lot of focus around future globalization and consquences. It was further topped with CIS presentations of sustainable energy solutions for the school. Much, much learning to reflect on!

On Thursday they visited Kongsberg Maritime who had prepared presentations about the global enterprise and it’s place in Kongsberggruppen, KM in Singapore, the different sections of the company, as well as providing an opportunity to try out their simulators. The students were intrigued and very active, and are now at a point where they manage to see connections and transfer learning from the different visits. Wonderful visit! After this it was beach time! With such a full schedule it was nice to have some real relaxation and downtime for the students as well sa for the teachers.

The rest of the week is just as full and students and teachers are looking forward to even more learning and fun!