MYPB in London, 2017

MYPB to London for their Interdisciplinary unit work

The MYPB students took off for London for a week to explore the concept of identity. What makes us who we are? Are we a product of our genetic inheritance, one of our surroundings or are we a bit of both? What kind of stimuli are we exposed to and what do we do with the input we get to create pieces of art, choreographed dance or devised pieces of theatre?

With the scope to make sure that the students received as broad an experience as possible, a chance to be open minded and creative, we had booked a range of different activities to take place in this week. They worked on their scientific understanding of who we are with relation to the brain and how we physically move, transfer signals and process stimuli; they looked at inheritance and traits that we have and can develop. Both the Science museum and the Natural History museum were visited thoroughly and eagerly. They have been exposed to stimuli through street art and theatre. Walking in a big city like London gives a lot of impressions by itself, but having the opportunity to be talked through what we see surely gives a more focused eye.  At the Pineapple dance studio, the students danced Michael Jackson style with Anthony King and worked with people from the theatre ensemble Complicite on devising techniques. The days were full of activities for the students to reflect on and engage in, and the evenings gave us the pleasure of watching others perform in theatre plays. “The curious incident of the dog in the night time” and “Amaluna” with Cirque deSoleil were the absolute highlight for all.

Happy, exhausted and inspired the students returned, ready to continue the work toward their show performance, their interdisciplinary unit journals and the trip exhibition in June.