Student Council

The KIS MYP Student Council is organized around the general principle that students should have an active role in shaping their MYP years, through participation in decision making and in the design of events and structures that make KIS a student-centered, innovative and positive learning experience. The KIS MYP Student Council has three branches, each of which offers an outstanding opportunity to show leadership and to get experience in organizing real projects that have real impact:


 The Curriculum Committee

This committee is based on the idea that students should have a role in deciding what is taught at KIS. The committee is responsible for supporting an active student role in curriculum design and in representing the students’ perspective on teacher-written curriculum. The committee identifies areas of learning that could enrich the KIS experience, and support making that happen through peer teaching and developing curriculum ideas with teachers. In the past, the thinking from the Curriculum Committee has supported the K2K project, the development of the MUN at KIS, and day-long workshops on special skills for learning in the MYP.


 The Social Committee

This branch of the council focuses on the social environment at KIS. The role of the Social Committee is to focus on all things that make KIS a positive and interactive place. This includes planning social events and involvement in the well-being of KIS students. This branch of the council has been responsible for some very positive special events such as Gangnam Style Day and Secret Santa. Challenges under discussion include initiatives for mediating in student conflicts, peer counselling, designing a welcome program for new students, connecting to the international school community, and other similar projects.


The Community & Service Committee

This committee is responsible for the envisioning and supporting the role of Community & Service at KIS, and for modeling the ethic of service to others. The committee focuses on the C&S profile, helping create projects and assisting all levels of the MYP in seeing C&S activities through. C&S is both community and service, so projects range from supporting the positive development of KIS-related goals or other community building ideas, to projects in service to those in need in the wider community and the world.