K2K is a yearly delegation of students who travel to Korea to explore significant issues in technology, communication and culture. This ‘think tank’ of young minds will expressly focus on their role in Norway’s future, in the global marketplace, and will consider in depth what they, as the future, have to offer a changing world. K2K is offered with the support of the Norwegian Center for Expertise, Kongsberg Maritime, Kongsberg Automotive, Eni Norge and Aker Solutions. K2K has also operated in partnership with the Dwight School, Seoul and Busan Foreign International School. Click here for the K2K blog…


ISTA (The International School’s Theatre Association) is an arts organization committed to creative development and internationalism. KIS is an ISTA member school and participates by sending a yearly delegation of students to a chosen ISTA event, such as the Copenhagen International School High School Theatre Festival, April 2013, or the Norfolk World Theatre Festival in October, 2013. ISTA festivals bring students from several international schools together, mixing them with creative professionals in contemporary theatre to collaborate and devise original creative work. Click here to go to the ISTA website…


The Balkans trip is a mission to actively engage KIS students in understanding the past and facing the future, as ambassadors for peaceful collaboration and coexistence between groups of people. The first delegation of students is scheduled for spring of 2014, to travel to Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Mostar and Srebenica.


The Andøya Space Project is a project in partnership with NAROM (The Norwegian Centre for Space-Related Education). The first delegation of students is scheduled for spring of 2014, to travel to the Andøya rocket range, with a focus on space technology, space physics, atmosphere and environment.


Innovation Camp is a forum for innovation and creativity sponsored by Ungt Entreprenørskap. It is open to year 9 (MYPC) students throughout Norway, with an  aim to increase understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship.


FIRST® LEGO® League participation is sponsored locally by FMC. The competition is designed to encourage young people, working in FLL teams to further develop innovative solutions to real-world problems through research and presentation, and to challenge their technical skills in robotics. KIS participates annually, with a team comprised of all levels in the MYP, based on student’s specific interests and on potential  links to the curriculum.