Application for Student Leave

Application for Student Leave

Schools in Norway may grant up to a maximum of 2 weeks’ absence for reasons other than medical ones. We encourage parents to keep this type of absence to a minimum and expect parents to arrange family holidays during the school holidays. Students and/or parents are expected to contact their teachers to discuss work they can do during, before or after their absence or how to catch up important work missed.

For planned absences, requests must be made in writing well in advance of the requested absence. Applications for leave for up to two school days should be sent to the student’s class / contact teacher directly. For applications exceeding two whole school days, please use the electronic form below. The application will be handled by the appropriate Head of School. If you are unable or do not wish to submit the form electronically, please contact the school office ( or appropriate Head of School directly.

The granting of leave is a decision that affects a student’s statutory rights (Norwegian: enkeltvedtak). Should the application for leave be rejected, appeal is available. Such an appeal must be sent to the school within three weeks of receiving the rejection. If the rejection is upheld by the school, the appeal will be forwarded to Fylkesmannen i Buskerud. The appeals process is laid out in Public Administration Act § 28.

Please note that primary and middle school education is considered compulsory in Norway. If a student does not attend school without a valid reason, parents or legal guardians can be prosecuted and face being fined.

Students who are members of faiths other than The Church of Norway have the right to apply for leave during the religious holidays of their faith. This right is subject to the parents/guardians making sure that the student makes up for any teaching missed during the leave, so that he or she will be able to follow the general teaching again after returning from the leave, as per the Private Education Act § 3-13.

According to the regulations in the Private Education Act § 3-40, students from MYPB (8th Grade) and up can request that up to 10 days of granted leave (according to the Private Education Act § 3-13) should not be registered on the school leaving diploma.

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