School Uniform

Although the school respects the right of the individual to express themselves in the way that they dress. As an international school, certain dress may be offensive to particular cultural groups in our school community. Students are expected to respect this, and parents are expected to monitor what their children wear to school. - Parent Student Handbook, chapter 14

School uniform can be ordered through a web shop administered by ISUS. To access the webshop directly, please click here.

Guidelines for purchasing uniform are:

  • uniforms can only be ordered by parents (minimum 18 years of age), not by students
  • all orders must be placed via the web shop
  • clothes that are delivered will not be exchanged unless the item is damaged, in which case, it will be exchanged without cost (wrong sizing is the responsibility of parents – see below)
  • ISUS will provide the School with sample uniform pieces in different sizes for students to try on if parents are unsure of the student’s size
  • uniforms will be sent by post to the purchaser's nearest post office and not distributed by the School
  • for school logo marking, the logo will be embroidered on uniforms that are ordered for the start of the academic year or for items available in stock. However, supplementary orders, placed throughout the year, will come with a printed logo

If a student forgets the uniform at home, the School will lend a uniform from its loan uniform inventory. Loan uniforms must be washed and returned to School as soon as possible after use. Should the loan uniform not be returned, its replacement cost will be charged to the school invoice. If an appropriate loan uniform is not available in inventory, the parent may be contacted to bring their child’s uniform to school.



Different school uniforms

Students in the Primary School, Grade 1 - 6, should wear royal Blue polo shirt or royal blue sweater.

Students in the Middle School, MYPA - MYPD, should wear navy blue polo shirt or navy blue sweatshirt with or without hood.

All students should wear the white PE T-shirt with shorts or bottoms appropriate for physical activity during PE unless specifically told otherwise by their teacher.


Please direct any questions regarding the Uniforms to the school office: