Employment at KIS

Available positions

There are no available positions at this time.


General Information:

The school accepts open applications for employment throughout the academic year. Such applications should include a brief letter of application and a CV and be directed to the school office: office@kischool.org. As the school receives many applications, we regret that we cannot guarantee a response to all.

Please note that all teaching staff must meet the Norwegian national requirements for qualifications for teaching staff (as set out in §14 of “Forskrift til Opplæringsloven” – the Regulations Appertaining to the Norwegian Education Act) in order to gain a permanent contract. Teaching staff with qualifications from abroad must gain approval from the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (“Utdanningsdirektoratet”) in order to qualify for a permanent contract. The employee must also provide the school with valid proof of all relevant qualifications and experience stated on their CV.

The school is committed to safe recruitment and safeguarding of young people. As such, all employees must submit an up-to-date Norwegian police certificate before starting their employment at the school. References will be required and checked for all positions before an offer of employment is made.


Unfortunately, several scams relating to non-existent teaching jobs at international schools have circulated on the Internet in past years, which include information taken from official websites. If you are unsure whether a teaching position exists, please do contact the school directly. KIS never charges fees for applications for employment and candidates should carefully consider the requests made when applying to any reputable international school.